Pick Up Points

Put an Exploration brochure on the dash of your vehicle at each location.

[TAC] Timberland Bank at Bass Pro

Park at the south end of Timberland Bank so your car is facing the drive through.

[OLY] Coastal Farm Store

Park at the far south end of lot near the Main Chinese Buffet under the parking lot lights

[TUM] Safeway/Timberland Tumwater

Park near Timberland bank at the south end of the bank (you will be near drive through) and facing west so you can see the bus.

[GRA] Grand Mound Lewis County

Sinclair Gas Station exit 88. Park behind the station on the west end behind Arby’s. Your driver will give you a parking pass.

[KEL] Three Rivers Mall

Park in the Penny’s lot at the upper west end facing Safeway and Starbucks. This pick up is offered on Southbound tours and with 10 or more going Northbound.

[CEN] Centralia Outlet Mall

Park on the west en of the Childern’s Place building behind Arby’s driver through. Position your car to be facing the Church across the street. The bus driver will have a parking permit for you. 

Parking is provided as a courtesy from our business partners. You are parking at your own risk. Having someone drop you off for longer tours is a best practice. Be aware of your surroundings and lock your car.

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